It is with deep pleasure, at this reflective time in our nation’s history that I now serve as the President of the Medico-Chirurgical Society of DC the oldest organized Medical Society in the USA.  First, I thank the members of this 130-year-old society for electing me to serve you. As this unique organization continues to fulfill its historic mission of representing, uniting and supporting the physicians who provide superior medical service to our community, our history impels us to dynamically interact with each other, with developing physicians, with international physicians and with our community so as to successfully meet today’s difficult health care challenges.


During my tenure, to meet these challenges and to foster future expansion of our membership, we will enhance our present impact and our growth potential by appropriate political action, mentoring, scholarship programs and continued involvement of medical students in our Society’s local and national programs.


Also, continuation of our education and care programs on healthy living, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, prevention and early detection of cancer will be vital. To these, I have already added plans to support international initiatives such as those for prevention, containment and treatment interventions for the Ebola viral epidemic.  

As we go forward, I thank the membership of this society and that of the Auxiliary to the National Medical Society for their magnificent support of our work.


Melvin W. Williams MD